Anneke Wilder is an artist and illustrator currently based out of Seattle, WA. 




College of Charleston 2013 Charleston, SC 

B.S. Biology, Studio Art minor with a concentration in printmaking

University of Washington 2017 Seattle, WA

Natural Science Illustration Certificate

Solo Exhibitions

November 2018 // Ballyhoo Curiosity // Seattle, WA

Group Exhibitions

October 2018 Repose //  Redux Gallery  //  Portland, OR

October 2018  Killing Jar //  Gristle Art Gallery  //  Brooklyn, NY

Summer 2017 Burke Museum of Natural History  //  Seattle, WA

2011-2013 Hill Gallery  //  Charleston, SC

Juried Exhibitions

April 2018 Bemis Arts Spring Juried Exhibition // Bemis Arts // Seattle, WA

April  2018 The Fierce and Frail: of Beings, Beasts, and Seed  //  Verum Ultimum Gallery  // Portland, OR

February 2018 Scientific Illustration  //  Fe Gallery  //  Sacramento, CA

December 2016 Believing is Seeing  //  Artist and Maker’s Gallery  //  Rockville, MD

July 2016 Corpus Illuminata VI  //  Tangent Gallery  //  Detroit, MI

March 2013 Young Contemporaries, Salon de Refuse  //  Hill Gallery  //  Charleston, SC