Anneke Wilder is an artist and illustrator currently based out of Seattle, WA. 

After studying Biological Sciences and Studio Art at College of Charleston, Anneke merged her two areas of study to pursue a career in scientific illustration.  Anneke currently attends the Natural Science Illustration certificate program at the University of Washington. 




Educated as a biologist, the natural world is an endless source of inspiration for me. From the smallest levels of organization (cells, molecules) to communities and ecosystems, life is a complex network of connections and relationships. I find beauty in the details of these relationships, and my work aims to visually communicate this.
In addition to more technical illustration work, I explore concepts that interest me through fine art. The majority of my recent work has stemmed from a fascination with modern scientific concepts of life and death. It investigates the connectivity of human beings to their environment, and places man alongside all other living organisms under the inescapable laws of nature. I draw inspiration from the aesthetics of traditional scientific illustration and surrealism by merging anatomical and botanical illustrations into one continuous form. 


College of Charleston 2013 Charleston, SC 

B.S. Biology, Studio Art minor with a concentration in printmaking

University of Washington 2017 Seattle, WA

Natural Science Illustration Certificate


2011-2013 Hill Gallery  //  Charleston, SC

Summer 2017 Burke Museum of Natural History  //  Seattle, WA

Juried Exhibitions

March 2013 Young Contemporaries, Salon de Refuse  //  Hill Gallery  //  Charleston, SC 

July 2016 Corpus Illuminata VI  //  Tangent Gallery  //  Detroit, MI

December 2016 Believing is Seeing  //  Artist and Maker’s Gallery  //  Rockville, MD